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Akron Ohio

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  • Akron Ohio

The property was a five story multifamily building totaling 120,000 square feet located in Ohio.

A-Z Solutions, Inc. issued a radon test report indicating elevated levels of radon gas measuring 10.0pCi/L were found in the building.   It was therefore recommended that the building install a radon mitigation system.

There was an existing passive radon system installed during the building’s construction. The existing passive system was not designed by a licensed radon mitigation contractor so therefore was not able to be utilized.  It was determined by our project manager that the best mitigation approach for this building was a larger retro-fit Sub Slab Depressurization (SSD) system.

Installation began and took just under three weeks to complete.  The building owners were very concerned about the look of the system and requested that a system be designed that would not be visible in any of the public areas of the building.  Drawing on our 10 years of experience our project manager was able to design a system that would not only effectively lower radon levels but would not detract from the buildings aesthetic appearance.  Final post mitigation system radon levels measured at 0.6 pCi/L.