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A-Z Solutions has been a leader in Vapor Intrusions for over 10 years.  We have earned our reputation by performing on time, on budget and with the highest expertise and experience in the field.  We offer the following services for your next VI project…


1. System Design

A-Z Solutions, Inc. custom designs SSD systems to fit your building’s vapor mitigation needs. Proper SSD system design can only be completed after thorough building characterization is completed. A-Z Solutions, Inc. conducts SSD system designs based on four interrelated factors:

System Design Factors:

Building design
Understanding the physical characteristics of a building helps to design an energy efficient SSD system. 
Sub Slab communication testing
Test conducted to determine the size of the SSD system necessary to create a negative pressure plane beneath the building. 
Mechanical systems
HVAC systems can temporarily or permanently pressurize the building.  Understanding this helps to size SSD equipment to the right size. 
Size and strength of the contamination plume
Pinpointing the exact size of the plume can restrain the scope of work from an entire building down a just a small section.  

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2. Design Drawings and Specifications

Upon completion of the building characterization, system design documents can be completed with the assistance of the following information:

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Design Information Includes:

Aesthetic restrictions
The building owners many have specific requirements for system design aesthetics.   
Practical Restrictions
 The building owners many have specific restrictions for system design on the interior of the building. 
Building use group
Different building use groups require specific equipment.  PVC pipe is fine for some but unacceptable for others. 



Armed with all of the above information A-Z Solutions, Inc. can complete your SSD system design. All completed system designs include:

  • Communication test results
  • Design drawings
  • Specifications
  • Approximate material list
  • Fan motor chart
  • Approximate installation timeline
  • Estimated installation cost
  • Estimated operating cost

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System Installation

A-Z Solutions, Inc. installs SSD system from existing plans. A plan review will be included along with and recommendations that will increase the performance and efficiency of your vapor intrusion system.

Long Term Stewardship

  • Execute long term Operations and Maintenance Plan
  • Inspect system periodically to make sure it is operating at optimal performance
  • Remote monitoring systems and telemetry available


Most system designs, including custom design drawings and system specifications, are completed within 2 weeks of the building characterization. Upon completion of system design the client can contract with A-Z Solutions, Inc. to complete the installation, or submit the complete design to other companies for installation proposals.

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3rd Party Plan Review

If you already have a system designed to address your vapor intrusion issue or if you are not sure about your current plans, A-Z Solutions, Inc. will review your drawings for system size, capacity, energy efficiency, value engineering and continued monitoring capabilities. We will recommend the appropriate changes to save your business valuable time and money.