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Let Us Be Your Mitigation Partner!

A-Z Solutions, Inc. has been the leader in vapor removal systems for over 10 years. We installed many of the first Sub Slab Depressurization, (SSD), Systems used for vapor removal in Ohio and have been successfully turning brown into green ever since. SSD technology provides a cost effective alternative for vapor intrusion removal as part of a site remediation, brownfield site cleanup or superfund site clean-up. Our research & development in SSD systems in the last ten years has enabled us to expand its use. It eliminates VOC’s like methane, TCE, PCE and Benzene. Gases such as radon as well as other vapors from homes, commercial buildings, and industrial sites. Systems can be installed with minimal disturbance to your building and its operation at a cost that is well below average for vapor intrusion remediation.

Here at A-Z Solutions, Inc. we strive to build long-term client partnerships based on mutual trust and respect. Our mission is to deliver mitigation technology that is effective and environmentally sustainable. By partnering up with us you can have peace of mind knowing that your project is backed by A-Z’s years of experience and professionalism. We make a commitment to our client to always deliver on time, on budget and with the highest level of expertise in the industry.